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Mathieu van Loon
23 March 2023
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Mathieu van Loon
9 March 2023
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Mathieu van Loon
20 September 2022

Mathieu van Loon
12 April 2022

Mathieu van Loon
14 January 2022
Cierpa blog - Hoe kan een Kaizen-proces zichzelf financieren?

How can a Kaizen process finance itself?

It often takes some effort to start a new improvement process, as it requires an investment, both in time and in cost. So is it worth it? Our answer would be a resounding YES. In this blog, we explain how a Kaizen process can finance itself - and how the revenue quickly outgrows the investment. 

Janneke Möhlmann
16 June 2020
Cierpa blog - Kaizen van de maand

Janneke Möhlmann
21 April 2020
Cierpa blog - Wat is Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

What is Value Stream Mapping (VSM) – With example!

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a valuable step in the improvement process.

Janneke Möhlmann
4 February 2020