Normsnelheid Bepalen S

Norm speed: aren’t you wasting your potential?

Which speed is your norm speed when you want to measure your performance in OEE? Are your goals ambitious enough?

25 July 2023
Meer Veiligheid Met Cierpakaizen S

More safety with Cierpa Kaizen

Safety is a vital issue for organizations. But how do you ensure that safety is optimally monitored, and safety actions are verifiably secured?

Mathieu van Loon
11 July 2023
Interviewmartinschipper S

Improving at Morssinkhof Groep

Martin Schipper brought his experience with Continuous Improvement and Cierpa OEE to his new employer.

Mathieu van Loon
16 May 2023
Overstapdigitaalmeten S

The move to digital quality management

Digital quality measurement has many advantages. In this article we explain how this move works and how much it will bring you.

Mathieu van Loon
18 April 2023
Interviewbenvdplas S

Ben van de Plas on improving

Ben van der Plas is an improver and piano tuner. Is that a strange combination? Not for Ben.

Mathieu van Loon
20 March 2023
Gotogemba S

Go to Gemba: good leadership starts on the work floor

Find out how Go to Gemba adds to a successful improvement project! 

Mathieu van Loon
9 March 2023
Digitaalmeten S

Eight reasons for digital quality measurement

To ensure quality in your manufacturing process, you need insight. Often, people do quality checks on paper. But digital measurement works so much better.

Mathieu van Loon
13 February 2023
DMS Nr3 Site

Ten tips for optimal use of a DMS in your improvement project

How do you ensure that you get and secure optimal results with your DMS? Experienced improvement coach Philip Stevenije of PS Advies shares his tips for a successful DMS process.

Mathieu van Loon
31 January 2023