Improving together

Smart software makes your improvement process more manageable, more focused, and more fun. But the real improvement success lies in the hands of your people. Our experienced improvement consultants ensure everyone in your organization is motivated from the start!

Cierpa works with Certified Consultants

Use experts to get the most from your people

Improving is much more than implementing a good system - improving is a process. And the whole organization needs to grow with you on the how and why.

Our Cierpa Certified Consultants give your people the right tools, knowledge, and motivation to make your improvement process a big success. Together, you get the most from the process and the organization.

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Cierpa Certified Consultants

De voordelen van werken met verbeterconsultants

No worries over the Cierpa Software implementation on the work floor

Training of employees

Advice on the optimal application and therefore, the result of the software

Supervision of the improvement process

A solid improvement culture throughout the entire organization

What our clients say

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The consultant goes for success too

"We started with Cierpa OEE and Cierpa Quality to keep taking improvement steps. Willem Siebers supported us with hardware implementation and system set-up. No-nonsense, adequate, someone who really helps out: a great person to work with. And as focused on making this a success as we are.”

Martin Schipper, Locatiemanager
Morssinkhof Groep
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The consultant brings knowledge but also gets it from inside the organization to the surface

"With Cierpa OEE, we improve our line and our process. It’s essential to keep exchanging knowledge. Recently, consultant Wilem Siebers gave a refreshment course to 68 operators. Not only do we want to bring knowledge but we want to receive it too. That gave us some pretty valuable insights."

Etu van Wijk, assistant WCM coordinator
Van Geloven
Van Geloven
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Cierpa OEE offers much more insight than those hard copies packed with data

“Cierpa OEE offers a lot of insight into our savings potential, malfunctions, and downtime. It also provides terrific possibilities for analysis. We used to have hard copies packed with data. But you can't analyze on paper. So we kept those files for five years and then threw them out.

Now, we have all the improvement analyses we need at the push of a button. This makes specific improvements attainable. For example, we have halved the changeover times of some of our lines. That's some serious cost saving!"

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Floris Wiskie, WCM Facilitator
Floris Wiskie

With Cierpa Certified Consultants, your improvement project will succeed

The improvement consultant leads your organization to the starting blocks. If your people understand why you improve and are happy with the steps you make together, you have come a long way.

Also, with our software, you steer on proven data instead of assumptions - no more blind spots. You’ll get targeted results from now on!

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