Cierpa Software

Cierpa Software is based on techniques and methods like continuous improvement, 5S, and Kaizen. Make waste and improvement options in your organization tangible, not just on the production line but also in quality control and knowledge base.

Cierpa Software

Makes LEAN improving easy

Cierpa Software makes accessible, smart software for companies that want to improve. Are you busy with pull, OEE, or structured improvement? With our lean manufacturing tools, you will speed up your improvement process and make your improvement process a blast!

  • Based on proven methods

    Based on techniques and methods like continuous improvement, LEAN, 5S, and Kaizen


  • Improvement options instantly tangible

    Cierpa Software makes waste and improvement options visible and tangible in your organization: on the production line, quality control process, and employee training. 

  • Fast implementation
  • Offers instantaneous value
  • Big results with small steps
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Cierpa Kaizen, clear improving

Making improvement options visible and manageable – that’s the essence of an effective improvement process. How do you get everyone onboard, and how do you make sure these improvements are really implemented?

  • Quick results

    Make the improvement process go two to three times faster!

  • Get people onboard

    No more ambiguity about actions.

Cierpa Kaizen

Cierpa OEE, maximizing production

Unnecessary long production times, malfunctions, short stops, unnecessary waste: every production process has waste. But what is it, and how do you get rid of it? Cierpa OEE software maximizes your production process.

  • Accurate measuring

    Measuring OEE accurately in every manufacturing process.

  • Insight into waste and overload

    Get direct insight into waste and overload, with minimum effort.

Cierpa OEE

Cierpa Quality, efficient quality control

Quality control is an essential part of the manufacturing process but not always the most efficient one. Cierpa Quality accelerates the manufacturing process, eliminates paper-based logistics, and simplifies data knowledge.

  • Quality continuously guaranteed

    Accurate quality measuring in each manufacturing process.

  • Insight into the quality process & traceability

    Follow the quality process from A to Z and have instant audit overview.

Cierpa Quality

Cierpa Competence, sharing the knowledge

Having the proper knowledge at the right spot reduces the number of operating errors by up to 50% in the first improvement year! Cierpa Competence helps your organization by centrally storing the latest in knowledge and standards and making it easily accessible.

  • Quick document retrieval

    The correct documentation always available at the production line .

  • Automating knowledge transfer

    More room to focus on the bigger issues.

Cierpa Competence

Cierpa Assessment, keep on improving

Cierpa Assessment speeds up implementation and deployment of improvement up to two times. Audits become intermediate milestones that are part of a bigger plan. Assessments become tools instead of necessary evils.

  • Speed up improvements

    Accelerates the implementation and deployment of improvements.

  • Positive audits

    Assessments and audits become tools.

Cierpa Assessment