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Do you want to be in complete control during your client’s successful improvement project? Cierpa Software is developed together with improvement consultants. We know what you need!

"This software can do exactly what I need."

According to one of our Cierpa Certified Consultants:

"Cierpa Software is developed truly from an improvement standpoint. What do companies need? What do consultants ask for? That results in smart, goal-oriented software that does exactly what I want. My client wants goals to be met. If I can do that more effectively with Cierpa Software, it will help him perfectly.”


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Cierpa Software

The advantages for you and your client

Easy to implement

Always real-time insight

Web-based, can also be used remotely

Extensive possibilities for analysis

Links between different improvement modules

A word from our Cierpa Certified Consultants

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Ideal to get people on board

"For lasting culture change, you need to have everyone on board. Cierpa Software is really easy to use, and results are quickly visible. It’s ideal to get people on board!”

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René Kindervater
KSL Solutions
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It garners confidence when you know in advance what a project will get you.

“I like working with Cierpa Kaizen. Insightful, easy to use – and you know in advance what the costs and revenues of a project are. It gives you confidence, both with management and on the work floor. Only when people see the project's added value you can take the next steps."

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Theo Schols
Brendelson organisatieadviseurs
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Cierpa Software saves time for customer and consultant

"Cierpa Software is easy and clear to use, both for the customer and for the consultant. I can monitor my projects remotely in real-time. That saves time and just works nicely."

Willem Siebers, OEE-consultant:
WISI Consultancy
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You can do a low-threshold start and then gradually widen the improvement process

“Cierpa Software is user-friendly and transparent. You don’t need extensive knowledge on improving to start up and get results. That really motivates. Unique for the Cierpa Suite is also that you can grow in your improvement project step by step.”

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Philip Stevenije
PS Advies
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Cierpa Software isn’t a measurement tool; it’s a complete improvement package

"There are many measurement tools. But Cierpa Software is complete improvement software with a measurement tool. It allows you to go from snapshot to improvement project, from measuring to securing. You can follow through with actions and improvements thanks to accurate readings and good reporting."

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Jack Kessels
Simply Change
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Want to be a Cierpa Certified Consultant too?

Being a Cierpa Certified Consultant has many advantages:

  • New leads through Cierpa
  • Consultant fee for every module you implement
  • Accelerated improvement with proven results
  • A view of your client’s improvement process, even remotely
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In 4 steps

This is how you become a Cierpa Certified Consultant

Your certification is a stepped process. Cierpa will offer professional guidance throughout the entire process.

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  • Step 1

    Fit Assessment

    We use a Fit Assessment to find out if we are a match and if you have the skills we expect from a Cierpa Improvement Consultant.

  • Step 2


    As an Associate, you learn about all the ins and outs of one or more Cierpa Software modules. We train you as a user, but you also learn how to do a software implementation at your client’s site, how you configure the module, and how you do a user training.

  • Step 3

    Associate certificate

    You finish your training with a knowledge test, after which you receive the Associate Certificate.

  • Step 4

    Cierpa Certified Consultant

    After completing this trajectory, you can call yourself a Cierpa Certified Consultant. 

Becoming a Practitioner or Expert

After your associate training, you can advance to Practitioner and then Expert. This you do mainly by using the Cierpa modules at your client’s site and showing measurable results of your improvement project. Each level comes with its own certificate.

Company certification

Of course, you can certify your entire team as well. You'll find it easier to spar, work together, and transfer when you and your colleagues are accredited. This benefits you as colleagues but your clients too. Book a custom training and get accredited for better, faster, and easier results for your clients.

Do you want to become a Cierpa Certified Consultant?

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