Cierpa Quality: efficient quality control

Cierpa Quality eliminates the need for a paper-based quality control process. From now on, you will have the correct information at the right time to analyze the data and start recognizing trends.

Direct insight with Quality Software

Early detection of faults or errors.

Our quality management software offers insight. Cierpa Quality turns mandatory quality control into an instrument to improve your organization.

  • Save on cost and time

    With Cierpa Quality, all quality control information is digitally available to anyone at any time.

  • Data analysis

    Digital measurements make it easy to perform analyses and recognize trends.

  • Speeds up the control process
  • Paperless
  • The right audit at the right time
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Cierpa Quality in short

Quality secured continuously

Cierpa Quality as an improvement tool makes mandatory quality control part of your improvement process.

Why do you deploy Cierpa Quality?

  • No more binders filled with paperwork
  • Genuinely possible to analyze quality control data
  • Detecting errors beforehand instead of after the fact
  • Statutory audits become an instrument to improve the organization

Real-time checks on the line

Checking prompts appear on-screen when they’re supposed to. So you’ll never forget one.

Trend analyses

View real-time trends in quality measurements so you can act in time.

Setup automatic checks easily

Customize your control forms conveniently in the quality software.

Reduce defects

Timely automatic checks reduce the amount of rejected or reworked items.

Connecting Digital Audits to Control Plan

Do you use Failure Mode Effect Analysis? Record the entire FMEA in the integral Quality Control Plan module, including control measures and measuring dimensions. The result: digital quality control that connects one-in-one with your Control Plan


What do our clients say about Cierpa Quality?

Read our customers’ success stories!

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Cierpa Software offers what consultants need

"Cierpa listens to the market and to us, the consultants. That’s why Cierpa Software delivers what we really need."

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René Kindervater, Cierpa Certified Consultant
testimonial quote

The quality is always secured with Cierpa Quality

"Cierpa Quality provides oversight and speed in quality control, both on the work floor and towards the customer. The operator is well guided in quality control. Cierpa Quality warns you to do a check within five minutes. If you don’t and miss a check, you must do an extensive check before you can continue. So quality is always secured."

Wilco Krijnsen, HSEQ Manager
Wilco Krijnsen, HSEQ Manager
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Cierpa Software for and by improvers

“Cierpa Software is developed together with improvement consultants from an improvement perspective. What do companies need? What does the market want? What do consultants ask for? That results in software that does exactly what I want."

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Willem Siebers, OEE-consultant:
WISI Consultancy

Cierpa Quality grows with your organization

Never miss a quality check and say goodbye to binders stacked with completed quality check forms. Select your Cierpa Quality experience level and start accelerating now!

Take a look at our discount options. Contact us for a customized quote. Improving at different locations over several years with multiple Cierpa modules can lead to a discount of up to 50%!



  • For one machine
  • For each additional machine €296,00 annually
  • Manual measurements
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  • For one machine
  • For each additional machine €296,00 annually
  • Construct your own control schedules and questions
  • Real-time quality control forms
  • Start release controls automatically after errors or turnover
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  • For one machine
  • For each additional machine €296,00 annually
  • Construct your own control schedules and questions
  • Real-time quality control forms
  • Start release controls automatically after errors or turnover
  • Quality measuring with real-time sensor data
  • Manage Quality Control Plans with FMEA
  • Custom SLA
  • Single Sign-on
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From mandatory quality control to improvement tool

Eliminate paper-based quality checks. You now have the proper information at the right time. You can analyze the accumulated data to spot errors and defects in time.

They use Cierpa Quality
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cierpa Quality

View the answers to frequently asked questions about our quality management software.

The software is browser-based, so nothing has to be installed. The software needs to be configured for your specific organization and your wishes. This process takes about one to three weeks. Our implementation consultant will help you with all of this.

We have two packages: professional and enterprise. Professional is suitable for companies that already know about continuous improvement and want to further their improvement process. Enterprise is ideal for companies that want to improve at multiple locations.

Cierpa Software is easy to use and requires little explanation. A short user training will do.

The culture change that is necessary for successful improvement is a different matter. The role of software is small. Our experienced, independent improvement consultants help you start your improvement trajectory and train people to recognize instances of waste and improve in practice.

Of course. Cierpa Quality works very closely with Cierpa OEE. For example, you can measure in real-time on the line and perform the proper quality control at the right moment.

We’re glad to help you implement continuous improvement with Cierpa Software. Successful improvement requires a good improvement culture, often requiring a change in employee behavior. Cierpa Software makes it easy for your people, but change is still a human task. Because we mainly understand computers very well, we’ll connect you with our extensive network of independent improvement consultants. Our consultants have a proven track record in supporting change processes.

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How will you deploy Cierpa Quality in your organization?

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