Cierpa blog - Interview met Willem Siebers (1)

Cierpa Certified Consultant: Willem Siebers

Certified for: Cierpa OEECierpa Kaizen en Cierpa Quality

Improvement Consultant since: 2013

Companies:  WISI Consultancy en 

“Cierpa Software is developed with improvement consultants. That means the software can do exactly what I need.”

What is your role in the client’s improvement process?

“When companies or consultants are working on an improvement process but don’t have the knowledge or experience to select or implement the right software: that’s where I can contribute.

I always look at the big picture of Man, Technique, and Process, the most important parts in any company. With the right use of those parts, you can make an organization successful. I call it the MTP approach.”


What challenges do you face?

“It can be difficult to get the work floor employees on board because they’re not used to working with computers, because they’ve been doing their work in the same way for decades, or because they’re afraid to make mistakes. But everybody needs to be on board, or it won’t be possible to realize lasting change.”


How do you change that sentiment?

“Continuous improvement should be part of everyday work, it’s not a temporary project. It will work if you show that you listen and give the assurance that mistakes are allowed during the change process. I listen to what goes wrong during training and during the project. That information enables me to give better advice to my client so we can get going. That’s the only way to improve together.”

“The power of Cierpa Software is in the linking of different improvement packages. That give lots of new insight and makes the project so much more efficient.”

Why do you choose Cierpa Software for your improvement projects?

Because it works! My client simply wants goals to be achieved. Cierpa Software is very good, result-oriented software for improvement projects and very easy to apply to every improvement process. It has many features, from clear OEE reports to complex improvement analysis. The power of the software is in the linking of different improvement packages, like the option to link improvement activities to improvement teams, to combine OEE with Kaizen or Competence, etc.

That gives the client lots of insight and improvement opportunities.”

“Cierpa Software is clear and easy to use for the client, that’s what it’s all about, but also for me as a consultant. It saves time and it’s great to use.”

What is Cierpa Software’s added value for you as a consultant?

“The software is really designed from the perspective of improvement. What do companies need? What does the market need? What do consultants ask for? That results in software that can do exactly what I need. Also, the linking of the different improvement modules is really important for me. There’s no need to work with different software packages that don’t work well together. That makes any improvement project so much more efficient.”

“As a CCC I get new leads via Cierpa. So new clients come my way too!”

In addition, the software is clear and easy to use, for both the client and for me. Installing the software is very easy and I can monitor the projects remotely, even in real-time. It saves a lot of time and works great. As a CCC I also get new clients via Cierpa. Companies that want to start working with Cierpa Software like to work with certified consultants. This way, new clients come my way too!”


Cierpa Software advantages, according to Willem Siebers:

  • The software is easy to set up: a client can be up and running within the hour

  • Easy to use for me as a consultant and for the client

  • Lots of expansion options with other improvement methods, for example you can switch between OEE, Kaizen, and Competence

  • The software can do much more than generate reports, there is room for complex analyse