Cierpa Kaizen: Clear improving

Know your company’s improvement options and make them manageable for everyone. Start now with lasting improvement in a clear PDCA action list.

Action-oriented improvement with Kaizen software

Start with broad support and involve everybody in your project

Cierpa Kaizen turns an idea into an action point. The impact of the improvement point is instantly clear and helps your teams prioritize. The action point is assigned to an owner and is monitored from idea to realization. Cierpa Kaizen’s real-time PDCA action list helps your organization with action-oriented thinking and getting results.

  • Check and secure

    Implement an improvement and actually check if it works to ensure the issue won’t recur.

  • Clarity for everyone

    No more ambiguity on the status of actions

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  • Improve immediately
  • Engaged employees
  • Action-oriented thinking
Cierpa Kaizen - Structureel verbeteren
Cierpa Kaizen in brief

Bottom-up improvement

With Cierpa Kaizen you support bottom-up process improvement. All ideas, big and small, are taken up and converted into actions. This way you create an effective improvement structure within your company.

Why would you use Cierpa Kaizen?

  • Excel no longer required
  • No ambiguity on the latest action status
  • Positive motivation and support
  • Overview of all actions across all departments
  • Ongoing improvement of safety awareness
  • Complying with ISO audits
  • Productive team meetings
  • Local ownership of the standard improvement process
  • Fewer accidents
  • Initiate culture change

Clear PDCA action list

Real-time overview through a visualized action list with progress charts, status coding (PDCA), and mean turnover times.

Visible improvement impact

Real-time insight into the value of each improvement point. Rank action points to identify quick wins.

Mobile app

Start an action by photographing the issue in The Cierpa Kaizen mobile app.

Flexible templates for users

Flexible templates for fishbone analyses, 5W1H, makigami, and more.

Templates for improvement teams

Use SMED, Speedy Kaizen, 15 steps, DMAIC, or templates for your project.

Daily actions in email messages

Actions are divided per person and sent as a daily summary via email

Financial savings targets per department

Savings targets can be created for every department, making it clear to everyone where savings can be made.

Support for your DMS

Insight and securing are key players in your Daily Management System. Kaizen provides a grip and ensures that actions are carried out and secured.

Prevent safety incidents

Get an instant grip on incidents with a safety action and secure safety within the company.


Our customers’ views on Cierpa Kaizen

Read our customers’ success stories!

testimonial quote

65-70% of waste eliminated with Cierpa Kaizen

“Large instances of waste are spilling and leaking points on the line, hundreds of them. We turned them into improvement activities in Cierpa Kaizen. Three years later, we eliminated 65-70% of that waste."

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Mark Koeman, Coordinator of Continuous Improvement
Hessing BV
Cases - Hessing BV
testimonial quote

A new way of working succeeds with Cierpa Kaizen

“Cierpa Kaizen is very easy to use. But people have to let go of their way of working, and that takes some switching. No more emailing each other, but recording everything in Kaizen. But it goes very well because people see the usefulness and importance of it. Ideas from the work floor are now visibly picked up and solved. Everyone can follow the status of an improvement action and see that their action gets results. And that motivates. This leads to a chain reaction; more ideas are submitted, and that is exactly what we want.”

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Sander de Geus, HSE-coördinator
Dawn Foods
Cases - Dawn Foods
testimonial quote

The Kaizen app makes work easier for people on the work floor.

“The Kaizen app really makes work easier for people on the work floor. No more leaving the hall first, washing hands, typing on the computer; just take your mobile phone, take a picture, and upload it. Paper action lists and single Excel lists are a thing of the past."

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René Kindervater, Cierpa Certified Consultant
KSL Solutions
testimonial quote

Cierpa Kaizen clearly shows you who needs to do what and when

“Cierpa Kaizen shows you the updates, step by step. You can see all the activities going on. You no longer have to follow up on activities yourself; the software will do that for you: it shows who needs to do what and when. That is exactly what we needed to keep going."

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Omar Bano
Omar Bano RAVO
testimonial quote

Cierpa Kaizen shows you the added value of your improvement proposals beforehand

“When there’s no insight into the added value of your improvement proposals, it’s difficult to really follow up on ideas. Cierpa Kaizen changes that.”

Look at the video testimonial

Marcel van Walderveen, business manager
Cierpa blog - CleanLease en gestructureerd verbeteren

Cierpa Kaizen grows with your organization

Cierpa Kaizen is a powerful improvement tool. We believe in the power of small steps so we use a pricing model that grows with your organization. Choose your Cierpa Kaizen experience level and start improving now!

Contact us for a custom estimate and check out our discount options. Improving at different locations over several years with multiple Cierpa modules can lead to a discount of up to 50%!



  • For ten users
  • Additional user €15,00 per year
  • Site license mobile app (iOS and Android): €995,00
  • Smart PDCA-based action list
  • Visual reporting
  • Ten improvement proposals per year
  • Ten improvement teams per year
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  • For 25 users
  • Additional user €15,00 per year
  • Site license mobile app (iOS and Android): €995,00
  • Smart PDCA-based action list
  • Visual reporting
  • Unlimited improvement proposals per year
  • 25 improvement teams
  • Access to the digital whiteboards
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  • For 50 users
  • Additional user €15,00 per year
  • Site license mobile app (iOS and Android): €995,00
  • Smart PDCA-based action list
  • Visual reporting
  • Unlimited improvement proposals per year
  • Unlimited improvement teams
  • Access to mobile app
  • Access to the digital whiteboards
  • Custom-made SLA
  • Single Sign-on
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Optimal usage of improvement opportunities

Calculate the effect of your improvement actions in advance. This gives you direct insight into the revenue of your endeavors. Save weekly on person hours, both in meetings and on the work floor. This way, NedZink could save 1.300 foil changes per week, thanks to our Kaizen software!

They use Cierpa Kaizen
Ravo Fayat Group
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Visual Cierpa Kaizen
Frequently Asked Questions

Cierpa Kaizen

View the answers to frequently asked questions about our Kaizen software.

We have three packages: lite, professional, and enterprise. Lite is great for companies that just started improving. Professional is suitable for companies that already know about continuous improvement and want to further their improvement process. Enterprise is ideal for companies that want to improve at multiple locations.

Customers often tell us: “Every improvement project would run out of steam after a while – but now, all of a sudden, it does succeed! How is that possible?

Cierpa Kaizen is an accessible and user-friendly system. Anyone can create an action. You receive an email notification when you need to do something. Whiteboard meetings are supported, so you personally lead each other through the steps you are taking. Cierpa Kaizen keeps everyone focused positively, which means that improvements don’t go unnoticed.

You improve with people, not with software. But the right software does create a positive impulse.

Cierpa Software is easy to use and requires little explanation. A short user training will do.

The culture change that is necessary for successful improvement is a different matter. The role of software is small. Our experienced, independent improvement consultants help you start your improvement trajectory and train people to recognize instances of waste and improve with PDCA.

The software runs through a browser, so nothing needs to be installed. The software still needs to be configured to your situation. We create an organization chart and your people get access. The software is ready for use within 1 day.

Of course, we support Kaizen. That’s why you’ll notice the PDCA cycle everywhere. We support SMED trajectories, Speedy Kaizens, and 15-step Kaizens. Our digital whiteboards help you improve with DMAIC, makigamis, fishbone analyses, and more.

Take pictures of a situation and place them directly in Cierpa Kaizen. That’s really useful for shift supervisors to report an unsafe situation, for example. You may need to have a discussion on using cell phones on the work floor. That can be avoided with a department tablet that the shift supervisor uses.

Anyone can use Cierpa Kaizen. Simultaneously, from different locations. Cierpa Kaizen does not have the disadvantages of a shared Excel where you have to call someone to ask whether the shared file can be closed or placed back on the server.

We’re glad to help you implement continuous improvement with Cierpa Software. Successful improvement requires a good improvement culture, and that often requires a change in employee behavior. Cierpa Software makes it easy for your people, but change is still a human task. Because we mainly understand computers very well, we’ll connect you with our extensive network of independent improvement consultants. Our consultants have a proven track record in supporting change processes.

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