Know your current situation and whether you will achieve your goals.

Cierpa Assessment turns audits into interim milestones and assessments into tools. This makes improving so much simpler. Speed up the implementation and deployment of improvement with up to 50%!

Lasting improvements with audit and assessment software

Take your organization to a higher level

Cierpa Assessment enables you to realize behavioral change in your organization. Customized questionnaires enable you to monitor the execution of your important processes at all times.

Our audit and assessment software allows you to compare the outcome to other departments or even other organizations. That’s how you take your organization to a higher level.

  • Check your organizational level

    Our auditing software helps you check whether the organization operates at the desired level. When the auditor actually visits, there will be no surprises but an official confirmation of what you already know.

  • Guard a broad behavioral change

    What do you want to focus on? That’s up to you. Make an inventory of the steps that need to be taken to realize your goals. And use your custom questionnaires to monitor if those steps are taken or if extra attention is required.

  • Straightforward assessment of the situation
  • Insight for the entire company
  • Visual reports
Cierpa Assessment - Structureel verbeteren
Cierpa Assessment in short

Keep improving!

Cierpa Assessment shows you whether the organization operates at the desired level. With our auditing and assessment software, your conversations won’t be about finding and fixing errors, but about improving on a qualitative level.

Digital 5S questionnaire

Start easily with 5S and track the progress

Compose your own audits

Focus on what is important for your organization.

Interim audits are easily plannable

Be prepared for an official audit. Do things yourself at first and improve what’s needed

Visual reports

See the progress, check regularly to make timely adjustments

Works seamlessly with Cierpa Kaizen.

Create actions in Cierpa Kaizen in response to an audit


What do our customers say about Cierpa Software?

Read our customer’s success stories!

testimonial quote

Thanks to Cierpa Suite we were able to bring our production back from China

“We have been able to improve and accelerate our process with Cierpa Suite in such a way that we have been able to bring our entire production from China back to the Netherlands.”

Rob Gommers, cost engineer
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Anyone can work easily with Cierpa Software

"Cierpa Software is, above all, easy to use. From implementation to everyday use. In daily use, from work floor to management team: everybody can work with it easily.”

René Kindervater, Cierpa Certified Consultant
testimonial quote

Broaden your improvement process with Cierpa Software

"The Cierpa Suite is unique because it allows you to grow step-by-step in your improvement process. The five improvement modules can be used separately but also in conjunction. For example, you start with a module to measure a production line. Then, you can continue with a module to set up and execute an improvement action while another module secures the result. This way, you can extend your improvement process step-by-step."

Read the full interview

Philip Stevenije, Cierpa Certified Consultant
PS Advies
PS advies & support

Cierpa Assessment grows with your organization

Cierpa Assessment is a powerful improvement tool. We believe in the power of small steps and use a pricing model that grows with your organization.

Take a look at our discount options. Contact us for a customized quote.Improving at different locations over several years with multiple Cierpa modules can lead to a discount of up to 50%!



  • For 25 users
  • 5S questionnaire included
  • Unlimited number of customized questionnaires
  • Visual reports
  • Per additional user €15,00
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Know where your organization stands!

Lasting improvement with your organization. With each desired questionnaire, you can monitor the progress of your organization. Do you want to focus on durability, safety, or any other KPI? With Cierpa Assessment, you keep a grip on the situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cierpa Assessment

Take a look at the answers to FAQs about our auditing and assessment software.

The software is browser-based, so nothing has to be installed. The software needs to be configured for your specific organization and your wishes. This process takes about one to three weeks. Our implementation consultant will help you with all of this. Most of the work will be developing your customized questionnaires.

We’re glad to help you implement continuous improvement with Cierpa Software. Successful improvement requires a good improvement culture, and that often requires a change in employee behavior. Cierpa Software makes it easy for your people, but change is still a human task. Because we mainly understand computers very well, we’ll connect you with our extensive network of independent improvement consultants. Our consultants have a proven track record in supporting change processes.

Cierpa Software is easy to use and requires little explanation. A short user training will do.

The culture change that is necessary for successful improvement is a different matter. The role of software is small. Our experienced, independent improvement consultants help you start your improvement trajectory and train people to recognize instances of waste and improve in practice.

Yes, Cierpa Assessment allows you to develop every questionnaire. The answers are always numerical, so they are suitable for auditing.

Yes, you can get started right away with 5s.

Yes, the software supports Dutch, English, German, French. Other languages can be implemented if desired. Content must of course be translated by you.

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