Cierpa Software makes successes visible!

Cierpa Software creates user-friendly and smart software for organizations that want to improve. Are you working on continuous and lasting improvement? With the lean manufacturing of Cierpa Software you accelerate your improvement process by a factor of 2 to 3!

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Continous improvement factory software

See how and for whom we make successes visible


"Where the first approach for Cierpa OEE was to easily and uniformly keep track of facts and data, we are now looking for trends."

Sipke Brandsma, production manager
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"Cierpa's OEE software helps us not only make big improvement steps, but also calculate how much we can produce and how to schedule it."

Mark Haster, production manager

"We have deployed the Cierpa Kaizen company-wide. In the software you can indicate which action belongs to whom, which data, which steps. A perfect tool for overview."

Hans van Helvoort, Quality Assurance Manager
Cierpa Software

With Cierpa Software you get the best out of your organization!

Our software is based on techniques and methods such as LEAN, 5S and Kaizen. You make the waste and the points of improvement in your organization tangible. Not only in the production line, but also in the quality control and knowledge base.


Cierpa Kaizen, clear improvement

Cierpa Kaizen makes improvements visible and manageable. Collect, organize, channel, assign and store: direct structural improvement.

  • Direct improvements
  • Involved employees
  • Action-oriented thinking

Cierpa Quality, efficient quality controls

Cierpa Quality speeds up the verification process, eliminates paper logistics and ensures that you always have your records and files immediately to hand.

  • Accelerates the control process
  • Files at hand
  • Paperless

Cierpa OEE, maximal production

Cierpa OEE tells the underlying reason for waste in a simple dashboard. With our scalable measurement and analysis module, everyone has the same focus.

  • Scalable analysis module
  • For operator & manager
  • Prevents a lot of waste

Cierpa Competence, sharing knowledge

Cierpa Competence helps your organization by sharing knowledge and bundling standards in one place and making them accessible. Feed your own online academy!

  • E-learning
  • Retain knowledge
  • Documenting standards

Cierpa Assessment, keep improving

Cierpa Assessment shows how your organization continuously improves. The web-based auditing tool shows not only a snapshot but also the progress of your organization.

  • Shows progress immediately
  • 5S Audits
  • Perform your own assessments

Waste and areas for improvement tangible, for everyone

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output improvement with the same resources


reduction of disturbances


reduction in changeover times


more involvement


more improvement ideas being solved

Our customers about Cierpa Software

How does Cierpa Software work in practice?

Improving with Cierpa Software

CEO Mathieu van Loon (Cierpa) and Ronald Reunis (Lumileds) about the possibilities of Cierpa Software in the improvement process.

Cierpa Kaizen at Cleanlease

Marcel van Walderveen and Karin Warrink explain how Cierpa Kaizen offers the structure to tackle all improvement ideas within CleanLease.

Henra about Cierpa Software

Continuous improvement is an indispensable part of the business process at Henra. With Cierpa Software Henra realizes improvements but also more involvement.

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