Cierpa OEE, maximum production

An unnecessarily long production time, breakdowns, short stops, unnecessary waste: every production process has wastages. But which are they and how do you eliminate them?

Taking big steps together

Get rid of waste in your production

When everyone understands what improvement means for the shop floor and management, your improvement process can begin. Cierpa OEE bundles manual, digital or real-time collected data and turns this data into insights. In this way everyone sees where the focus of the improvement process should be. And together you can take big steps!

  • Flexible measuring

    Real-time sensor measurement, linked to PLC/OPC. Or use a cross card (paper/digital)

  • Understanding waste and overload

    Instant insight into wastes and overloads with minimal effort.

  • Proven tool since 2006
  • For operator & manager
  • Prevents a lot of waste
Cierpa OEE - Gezamelijk grote stappen zetten
Cierpa OEE in brief

Get the optimal production capacity from your machines

With Cierpa OEE you easily gain insight into the losses of your machine. Know that you can reach maximum spin speed. Know why the machine is standing still.

Why do you deploy Cierpa OEE?

  • Successful introduction of OEE in the workplace
  • Operators literally get to grips with OEE
  • Simultaneous input from multiple operators
  • Good communication between production and TD
  • Reduction of availability loss
  • Reduction of quality loss
  • Reduction of speed loss
  • System that grows with you
  • Flexible and comprehensive OEE measurement model
  • Accurately measure OEE
  • Minimal operator effort

Measuring causes of failure

Link quality losses numerically to underlying cause, reducing quality loss quickly.

Measuring speed loss causes

Measure the speed loss allowing you to understand the underlying cause and minimize speed losses.

Measurement from registration systems mes/sql/other

OEE measurement based on existing registration systems, introducing OEE without additional measurement efforts.

Set up your own dashboard

Set up your own dashboard so that you always have visible what you want to control.

Combine with digital quality registration

Expand Cierpa OEE with Cierpa Quality

Start simple with measuring on paper

Starting to measure is easy with Cierpa OEE. Start with cross cards, immediately pass on disruptions to Cierpa Kaizen and measure the short stops.

Measuring on digital cross chart

Efficient measurement of OEE without the use of real-time sensors, allowing you to sustainably measure OEE manually without overloading operators


Cierpa OEE helps to maximize production

Cierpa OEE bundles manual, digital or real-time collected data and turns this data into insights. In this way everyone can see where the focus should be in the improvement process. Choose your Cierpa OEE experience level and start improving immediately!

Contact us for a tailor-made quote and explore our discount options. If you improve at multiple locations over several years with multiple Cierpa modules, your discount will go up to 50%!



  • Including 1 machine
  • Per extra machine €296 /year
  • Measure on paper
  • Measuring with digital cross card
  • Visual reporting
  • Change of shifts
  • Dashboards on (wall) displays
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  • Including 1 machine
  • Per extra machine €296 /year
  • Measure on paper
  • Measuring with digital cross card
  • Measure in real time
  • Visual reports
  • Change of shifts
  • Dashboards on (wall) displays
  • Send actions to Cierpa Kaizen
  • View standards in Cierpa Competence
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  • Including 1 machine
  • Per extra machine €296 /year
  • Measure on paper
  • Measuring with digital cross card
  • Measure in real time
  • Visual reports
  • Change of shifts
  • Dashboards on (wall) displays
  • Tracking & tracing
  • Send promotions directly to Cierpa Kaizen
  • Standards from Cierpa Competence directly on the line
  • Customized SLA
  • Single Sign On
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Produce more with the same resources

Insight into where the losses are in your product process. You can see when a machine is standing still, but maybe not when the machine is not running at the optimum speed. Mission foods says about this: "Before we started working with the OEE measurements, we had no insight into where our losses were, we now have that."

They use Cierpa OEE
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Visual Cierpa OEE
Frequently Asked Questions

Cierpa OEE

Answers to common questions about Cierpa OEE.

We have explained this in a diagram. You can view it via deze download . Do you still have questions? Then we would be happy to help you

There is no unequivocal answer to that. That of course depends entirely on your situation.

If you haven't measured OEE before, we recommend starting on paper. In this way the operators learn what OEE is. And if you enter the entered values directly in Cierpa OEE, you also get direct insight into your waste.

If you are already experienced with OEE you can choose between digital and real-time. There are customers who measure digitally on lines with few faults and in real time on lines with many faults. There are also customers who do it differently.

So anything is possible. We are happy to think along about the best solution for you.

You can take a look at this practical download.

This depends on the measurement method you choose. If you start with manual measurement, you can be up and running after 1 day. Other implementation processes take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. Our implementation consultant helps with this. What we do exactly during the implementation process you can read in The road to Cierpa OEE implementation.

Cierpa software is available both via the Cloud and as on-premise. With on-premise we mean: the Cierpa software runs on your own server(s) and you take care of management & backups yourself. From the Cloud, Cierpa provides secure servers and management.

With the OEE formula you measure the productivity of machines and production lines. How do you apply the OEE formula exactly and what does the outcome tell you? Read the blog The OEE formula.

Yes, Cierpa OEE is suitable for existing sensors and measurement systems. For common situations such as use of PLCs, ready-made couplings are available. In other situations Cierpa can add a custom-made coupling.

Cierpa Software is easy to use and requires little explanation. A short user training is sufficient.

This is done by one of Cierpa's partners. They can provide training to operators, managers and board members. In consultation with you, you can choose to roll out a train-the-trainer program to train the operators in large numbers.

The culture change that successful improvement requires is a different story. The role of software in this is modest. Our experienced, independent improvement consultants help you start your improvement process and train people in recognizing waste and improving with OEE.

We have three packages: lite, professional and enterprise. Lite is great for companies that are just starting to improve. Professional is suitable for companies that already have knowledge of continuous improvement and want more depth. Enterprise is suitable for companies that want to improve with multiple locations.

Yes, that's possible. The most chosen solution is an own hosted OEE server to which the real-time signals are sent and which is also used as a web server to display the OEE reports.

Yes, although most tablets have trouble switching between a data connection and a local Wi-Fi network. This will sometimes cause the connection to the OEE screens to be lost.

We will always set up a separate database for the OEE system. If desired, a database link can be set up between these two systems, but we prefer to get the data as close to the source as possible. This way we always know for sure that we are working with the correct data.

Dutch, English, German, French, Polish. You can easily add a new language yourself.

We are happy to help you with the implementation of continuous improvement with Cierpa software. Successful improvement requires a good improvement culture and that sometimes requires a change in the behavior of your employees. Cierpa software makes it easy for your people, but change is still human work. Because we especially understand computers well, we offer you an extensive network of independent improvement consultants who have proven success in guiding change processes. We are happy to put you in touch.

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