Cierpa blog - Cierpa OEE implementatieroute

The road to implementation, fortunately, is the same for everyone and is very transparent. Take a look at the process and discover how Cierpa OEE can help your company improve.

OEE, what does it do?

OEE focuses on the underlying reason for waste, so you know why production isn’t at maximum capacity. It applies equally to a machine and an entire production line.  Extensive analysis tools easily convert your data into insight.

Cierpa OEE identifies which recurrent obstacles prevent optimal functioning and producing. This way, production efficiency goes up, and the improvement process picks up speed too.

Who is involved in the introduction of OEE on the work floor?

OEE works on all company levels. Think of:

  • The improvement coach: an internal or external OEE expert that teaches the team all the ins and outs of OEE.
  • The shift leaders and production managers: they guide both the improvement process implementation and the daily work.
  • The work floor employees: they learn to detect waste and use OEE insight for daily work improvement.
  • The technical crew: they are needed when the line needs a monitor screen for real-time measurements and sensors.

Cierpa, the entire team, and the Cierpa knowledge base are ready to give both remote and on-site support.

The road to Cierpa OEE implementation

Once Cierpa OEE is chosen, it’s time to implement.

The road has the following steps:

Scope determination

During the start of the implementation route, management decides which machines are monitored, what the current knowledge level is and how much training is needed. Together with the team, a list is made of the availability loss (changeover), the production loss (short breaks), and quality loss (the product is to thick, too large). Also, a process chart is made, the schematic view of the production process that needs to be measured.

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Then, the scope or target is set. During this step, the best possible measurement method is selected, from simple to advanced:

  • Paper-based scorecard.
  • Digital scorecard.
  • Real-time automated measurement.

All measurement methods can be combined with Cierpa OEE.

Recognizing work floor waste

The team that starts using Cierpa OEE on the work floor will do a workshop. The team needs to learn how to detect waste and to understand how OEE views waste. That’s why OEE will be explained first.

OEE configuration

Middle management or the improvement coaches install a personalized Cierpa OEE base. The base data is filled in and sensors are installed, in case of real-time measurement. The Cierpa team can help you to load the first base data.

OEE measurement

Now it’s time to start measuring. Once the work floor has learned to detect waste, the Cierpa OEE software speaks for itself. The software is very accessible and easy to use, which is vital for an efficient measurement process.


OEE insight

OEE insight can be used in the following two ways:

  1. Shift review

After shift completion, everybody can access the Cierpa OEE report and consult with the work floor. This is an essential step in detecting opportunities for procedural improvement.  Direct feedback also ensures good data quality.

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  1. Insight from trend analysis

Next to procedural insight from shift reviews, you want to search for trends too. The improvement coach and production manager will really have an added value.

Here, you can see how a good day differs from a bad day. The main question is: how do you turn every day into a good day? The improvement points can also be turned into procedures for the work floor.

And then… let’s get on with it!

At first, OEE starts off simple, using paper-based or digital measurement scorecards. After a couple of weeks or months, it’s a good idea to look at real-time measurement. After the first few quick wins, it’s important to get a finer insight into the next steps. Real-time measurement offers just that. And since the measurement is automated, the work floor will be relieved of that task. Cierpa OEE was designed to grow with you, during your OEE process.

Cierpa OEE identifies which obstacles prevent optimal functioning and producing. Everybody, from operator to plant manager, knows where the focus should lie. This way, you’ll know where to find chances for improvement and LEAN working will be possible.