Cierpa blog - Verbeterpunten productie efficiency

Every company that strives for higher productivity searches for possible improvements. Actually, many underlying similarities can be found. 

What is production efficiency?

Production efficiency is about the production time of a machine (or machines). How much time does a machine perform subpar, or not all? What’s the cause, and how do we improve the situation? Improved production efficiency means higher production lead times, better quality, and more returns.

How do you determine efficiency?

Lean working is about discovering, and of course eliminating, the most important instances of waste.  This way, you will find improvements in your production process. You can take the first steps towards an efficient production process.

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Top 3 improvements in production efficiency

Based on our experience, we’ve put together our top three of most common improvements in production efficiency. Ask yourself the question: do we have more room for improvement?

1. 5S 

Most production efficiency improvements follow the 5S principles: Sort, Simplify, Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain. Keep your workspace or production as transparent and standardized as possible, and you’ll find out you’ve made a significant step towards improving. Start using our free 5S checklist now, and get results immediately!

2. Short breaks and malfunctions

These problems often seem easy to fix: the line is temporarily down but is restarted quickly, so it can’t be a big problem. Only when line waste is being analyzed does the true impact of short breaks and malfunctions become clear. It’s essential to recognize recurrent issues, analyze them, and address the core issue.

3. Speed

The effect of a machine that runs too slowly cannot be underestimated. It’s an improvement that often remains undiscovered for a long time! Focus on this improvement opportunity and look into the possibility of improving line speed.