Cierpa Competence: Sharing the knowledge

Cierpa Competence helps your organization with centralized storage and easy access to the latest knowledge and standards. You know exactly who still needs training. Also, you know which employee you can assign to a specific workplace.

Insight into the knowledge level of your organization

Let your company and your employees grow together

With Cierpa Competence, you have easy access to current knowledge, company standards, work instructions, and internal training. Feed, secure, and improve the knowledge in your organization with e-learning in your own online academy. Cierpa Competence offers insight into what knowledge is present and where it needs improving.

  • Teaching and testing

    Your own e-learning academy with company standards, work instructions, and internal training.

  • One knowledge platform

    Company standards, 1-point lessons, and theoretical knowledge are clearly arranged in one e-learning platform.

  • E-learning
  • The right people at the right place
  • New employees quickly trained
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Cierpa Competence in short

Sharing and securing knowledge

With Cierpa Competence, you can collect all your knowledge conveniently in one e-learning platform. The built-in competence matrix and the click board help you offer the proper knowledge to the right people.

Why do you deploy Cierpa Competence?

  • Overview of the knowledge level.
  • Get the whole organization active with the proper knowledge.
  • Easily train new employees.
  • The proper documentation at the right place,
  • No more searching for the correct standards.
  • You know for sure sure that your people are taking in the knowledge.
  • You know for sure that your people have mastered the knowledge.
  • No more separate documents per department.
  • Eliminates paper-based logistics
  • Tests first before employees enter the organization.
  • Also great for training people who don’t care much about reading.

Read and test confirmation

You can see who has read a module and who still has to pass a test.

Setting up Modules

No more separate documents for every department, with some knowledge scattered everywhere. Everything is neatly grouped.

Skills matrix

Put the right people at the right place in the organization. Direct insight into replacements in case of sickness or absence.

Click boards

You can see which knowledge is available at which place, by clicking on a map.

Setting up practice tests.

Check the tests before they are released into the organization.

Linking with OEE

The proper documentation at the correct place on the line, always

User maintenance

Bring temporary workers up-to-speed easily with knowledge and safety agreements.


What do our customers say about Cierpa Competence?

Read our customer’s success stories!

testimonial quote

Cierpa Competence guarantees the knowledge level

“Cierpa Competence makes the same training available for our employees in a low-threshold and verifiable way. As HR, we can accurately monitor the existing skills level on the work floor.”

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Henk van Enk, HR businesspartner/ training coordinator
Bakker Goedhart
Henk Van Enk
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Accessible improvement with Cierpa Software, even without extensive improvement knowledge

"Cierpa Software is accessible, user-friendly and transparent. You do not need extensive improvement knowledge to achieve results. That is a motivating and fast way of improvement."

PS advies & support
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Everyone can start using Cierpa Software quickly

“Cierpa Software is really user-friendly, and after a short briefing, anyone at any level can use it.”

Read the full interview

Sander de Geus, HSE-coördinator
Cases - Dawn Foods

Cierpa Competence: how big will your online company become?

Start using Cierpa Competence now. We believe in the power of small steps, and work with a pricing model that grows with your organization!

Take a look at our discount options. Contact us for a customized quote.Improving at different locations over several years with multiple Cierpa modules can lead to a discount of up to 50%!



  • For ten users
  • Additional user €15,00 per year
  • Build your own academy
  • Unlimited input of theoretical knowledge
  • Includes ten tests annually
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  • For 25 users
  • Additional user €15,00 per year
  • Build your own academy
  • Unlimited input of theoretical knowledge
  • Includes 50 tests annually
  • Share knowledge modules with other manufacturing locations
  • Real-time standards on the line via Cierpa OEE
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  • For 50 users
  • Additional user €15,00 per year
  • Build your own academy
  • Unlimited input of theoretical knowledge
  • Unlimited number of tests.
  • Share knowledge modules with other manufacturing locations
  • Real-time standards on the line via Cierpa OEE
  • Custom SLA
  • Single Sign-On
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Overview of work floor knowledge level

Ensure that the proper educational materials in training and tests are available online in Cierpa Competence. Employees are then notified via email or a bulletin board that they can start to work with the knowledge software in an accessible and user-friendly way, including a deadline.

Bakkerij Goedhart on Cierpa Competence:

“Nowadays, everybody receives the same training this way, and as HR, we can easily monitor the knowledge level. That used to be very different: in essence, every bakery worked differently. An A4 with some instructions, perhaps a workshop, or different content per bakery. That didn’t give any overview of the work floor knowledge level.”

They use Cierpa Competence
Bakker Goedhart
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cierpa Competence

View the answers to frequently asked questions about our knowledge software.

The software is browser-based, so nothing has to be installed. The software needs to be configured for your specific organization and your wishes. This process takes about one to three weeks. Our implementation consultant will help you with all of this. Most of the work will be setting up your company modules and if needed setting up your trainings.

We have three packages: lite, professional, and enterprise. Lite is great for companies that just started improving. Professional is suitable for companies that already know about continuous improvement and want to further their improvement process. Enterprise is ideal for companies that want to improve at multiple locations.

Cierpa Software is easy to use and requires little explanation. A short user training will do.

The culture change that is necessary for successful improvement is a different matter. The role of software is small. Our experienced, independent improvement consultants help you start your improvement trajectory and train people in recognizing instances of waste and improving in practice.

Of course. Importing Word, Excel, and PDF files and drawings is easy. Even videos are easily added to your academy.

Yes, you can see who has read the training, who has taken and passed the test. You can also keep track of external training in the skills matrix, such as forklift certificates. This way you can always see who needs to renew which training.

We’re glad to help you implement continuous improvement with Cierpa Software. Successful improvement requires a good improvement culture, and that often requires a change in employee behavior. Cierpa Software makes it easy for your people, but change is still a human task. Because we mainly understand computers very well, we’ll connect you with our extensive network of independent improvement consultants. Our consultants have a proven track record in supporting change processes.

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