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They’re also quite helpful to break-in new employees and a quick way to transfer lots of knowledge. One-point lessons are, therefore, an important part of the training- and work process. Do you know how to develop an effective one-point lesson?

What is a one-point lesson?

A one-point lesson is a visualized work instruction, printed on a single A4 sheet. The OPL solves a problem or improves a working method (e.g., in a process, or at a machine). The action described can be taught quickly, from one person to the other. A complete process can, therefore, have multiple OPLs. The lesson is part of process improvement and standardized working within the LEAN method.

The one-point lesson is clear, simple, and easily understandable for everyone. The lesson transfers knowledge to a team. The OPL is designed by one user, who then conveys the lesson to colleagues. It’s convenient to show the lesson at a central location, for example during a whiteboard meeting, on the intranet, or at the workspace. Record whether all colleagues have seen the lesson.

Five tips on making a great one-point lesson

  1. Determine who the process owner or supervisor of the OPL will be. That colleague draws up the OPL and is responsible for the content.
  2. Think about the size of the lesson. Are multiple steps involved in the process? Then draw up multiple OPLs. Think about the structure of the steps and use a modular construction for the lessons. The more you think about it in advance, the better the OPLs will be.
  3. Keep it simple. Use a chronological order of text and image, text and image, etc. Avoid fuss, but keep it to the point.
  4. Let an “outsider” proofread your OPL and check whether it works. The process owner is not allowed to give additional information (except when danger is imminent). Every necessary addition means the lesson isn’t good enough yet!
  5. Make the OPL part of the skill matrix (or part of a skill-set within that matrix). Make sure refreshment training is developed, based upon related incidents, waste, and revisions of the standard.

Examples of great one-point lessons

A clear OPL conveys the message immediately! Take a look at these examples:

One-point lessons and Cierpa Software

Cierpa Software enables you to draw up and save one-point lessons in Cierpa Competence. This facilitates drafting and printing OPLs. Also, changes can be made easily, and all OPLs are stored in one location.

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