All our downloads in one overview

Would you like to know more about a specific Cierpa product or tell others about our product? Please take a look at our downloads.

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All our downloads in one overview

Do you specifically want to know more about a Cierpa product or make others aware of our product? Check our downloads

OEE Scorecard

The scorecard is the basis of OEE measurements. How do you use it, and what does the scorecard tell you? Start using the Cierpa scorecard now!

Fishbone diagram

A fishbone diagram helps you to discover the connection between cause and effect in your manufacturing process. Download our free template and start your own fishbone analysis!!

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OEE implementation plan

The implementation shows a clear diagram of how to implement OEE in your organization.

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The Cierpa Software modules

What modules does Cierpa Software have, and which improvement area do they touch upon? This schematic gives you an overview.

Factsheet Analysis techniques

You can develop a better solution by analyzing a problem properly. Which analysis techniques are out there? And how do you use them?

OEE Measurement methods

We offer three OEE measurement methods: paper-based, digital, and real-time. This download explains the differences between them.

Measuring on paper with OPC / IOT

What are the pros and cons of IOT, OPC, and paper-based measuring? Find it out in this overview.

Iot Vs Opc
5S LEAN questionnaire

A 5S checklist helps you discover how LEAN your manufacturing process is. Download our questionnaire and start your own audit now!

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