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A clear oversight will enable you to monitor progress. But do you gain maximum benefit from the list? Check out our seven tips on how to work efficiently with the Kaizen action list.

Tip 1: Group on stage and priority

The button Stage / Number on the top horizontal bar allows you to group for different elements. Stage and priority are great ways to get insight into the progress of all improvement points: where are we now and what needs to be addressed first.

Tip 2: Label your actions

Do you want to group more? Then label your actions. On the far right of your task, you will find the Labels column. Use Assign to select the appropriate label. Use the Action filters in the vertical bar on the left side to filter on a given label.

Tip 3: More focus on your screen

Would you like more focus on your screen, by only displaying relevant columns? Great! You can switch the icons on the top right side (text cloud, people, picture, Euro sign, and flag) on or off. This reduces the number of columns to the ones that are relevant to you.

You can also select to view a number of rows, a brief overview of the actions in a list or the extended display of an activity.

Tip 4: Share your quick filters

When you want to set-up and save your action filters (at the vertical bar on the left side), you can name your selection in the Quick filter box. It’s very convenient to access relevant selections quickly.

Did you know you can share those filters with other people too? It allows you to share insight on a specific project, over a given period, or share management of specific tasks.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Press the gear icon next to the filter. Select Share and select a name. The person in question can then view this quick filter,
  • Press the gear icon next to the filter. Select Copy and select a name. The person in question can both view and alter the quick filter.

Tip 5: Add remarks

The Remarks field has recently been added to the action list. That’s convenient for notes, instructions and other comments that may assist you during the execution of the task.

Tip 6: Link time registration to an action

Different time registration systems can be linked to an activity. You can activate time registration from Cierpa Kaizen and deactivate it in the time registration system. This way, time registration per client or per project is always accurate.

Tip 7: Ask for extra fields when necessary

It’s possible to add additional fields to an action. It could be important for you to keep track of how many people are involved, what the order number is, whether a measurement has been done, or maybe what the weather conditions are. In that case, we can customize your Kaizen action list with an extra action field. Contact Cierpa Support, and we will get it done!

These are our seven tips on how to work more efficiently with the Kaizen action list. Do you have more suggestions or ideas? Then contact us. We’d like to hear all about it!

Don’t know Cierpa Kaizen yet?

Cierpa Kaizen shows you the goal, the implementation, and the roles assigned to each improvement point. Through progress charts, visual status coding with PDCA cycles, and mean lead times you’ll get a clear view on independent improving.

The advantages

  • Visual PDCA status coding, instead of a text-based action list
  • Ready-to-use prints for whiteboard meetings
  • A grip on large amounts of ideas, thanks to insight and detail
  • Combines improvement actions with cross-project improvement teams
  • Convenient reference guide of best practices and guidelines
  • Impact expressed in Euros
  • Refined rights model, includes the separation of internal and external rights

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