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Mathieu van Loon
31 January 2023
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Mathieu van Loon
13 December 2022
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Mathieu van Loon
16 August 2022
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Janneke Möhlmann
2 November 2021
Cierpa blog - De 3 grootste valkuilen bij top-down verbeteren

The three biggest pitfalls in top-down improving

Traditionally speaking, most companies use a top-down approach, with management using a strong directional approach.

Janneke Möhlmann
28 October 2021
Cierpa blog - TPM

Janneke Möhlmann
20 April 2021
Cierpa blog - SMED methode

Using the SMED method

The SMED method is a great way to take the loss out of your process. You can achieve great results, sometimes up to 80% more efficiency!

Janneke Möhlmann
26 January 2021
Cierpa blog - Makigami maken

Janneke Möhlmann
9 June 2020