Cierpa blog - Wat is LEAN Software?

Mathieu van Loon
2 February 2023
TPM Software

Janneke Möhlmann
22 February 2022
Cierpa blog - Hoe bereid je een audit voor?

Janneke Möhlmann
22 June 2021
Cierpa blog - De som van verbeteren met Cierpa Suite

Cierpa Suite: the sum of improvement

Cierpa Suite has five improvement modules that, on their own, effectively eliminate waste and get you great results. 

Janneke Möhlmann
10 December 2019
Cierpa blog - Wat is LEAN Software?

What is LEAN software?

More and more companies use LEAN software. How significant is the role of LEAN software and what does it do for your company?

Janneke Möhlmann
14 January 2019
Cierpa blog - Verbetersoftware

Which improvement software fits your company?

You’ve already started with continuous process improvement, but you still use paper, whiteboards or Excel. Or, you haven’t started yet, but you have continuous improvement in mind. 

Janneke Möhlmann
9 October 2018