Cierpa OEE: No more waste during production

Unusually long production times, malfunctions, short breaks, unnecessary waste: every manufacturing process knows waste. But which ones are those, and how can you eliminate them? Cierpa OEE is entirely focused on maximizing your manufacturing process.

Improving starts with knowing your bottlenecks and creating support. When everybody understands what improving means for both the workplace and management, your improvement process can begin.

Cierpa OEE groups manual, digital, or real-time collected data and turns them into insight. This way, everybody in the organization knows where the focus within the improvement process should lie. That’s when you can make significant steps together!

Cierpa OEE Software

OEE knowledge & tips

Improvement consultant Peter Santegoeds:

“A tangible financial advantage is always a good incentive in the improvement project! So that’s what we visualize.”

Production manager John van Heel, Vetipak:

”OEE Cockpit can surely help us attain our future goals.”

The road to Cierpa OEE implementation

Many different organizations use Cierpa OEE to improve. The road to implementation, fortunately, is the same for everyone and is very transparent.

Which improvement software fits your company?

What’s the investment, how complicated will it be, and what are the results? We’ve made a list for you.

Measuring OEE with a scorecard

Measuring OEE starts with the scorecard. Download it now! Includes an explanation on how to use and interpret the scorecard.

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Do you want to know more about one or more of our products? Do you have questions about specific options? We are happy to give you a demonstration online so that you can see how our software helps your process. Enter your contact details and we will contact you to schedule an appointment for an online product demonstration.


Cierpa OEE & Cierpa Software

Cierpa OEE is one of Cierpa Software’s modules. Our LEAN manufacturing software is based on 5S audits, Kaizen, and OEE, and makes continuous improvement attainable for every organization. Eliminate waste within your company process and get better and faster end results!


Cierpa OEE