Cierpa Kaizen for every company

From food to construction: an action-oriented approach fits every company. Result-driven improvement makes your improvement goals attainable. Cierpa Kaizen makes it possible.

Our customers get great results using Kaizen. Whether it’s about accident-free manufacturing, reducing lead times or streamlining the manufacturing process.

Cierpa Kaizen makes your goals attainable. With a system that’s always up-to-date, and provides insight for everyone, every employee knows what to do when. And that leads to targeted results for every company!

Customers and clients on Cierpa Kaizen

Working with Cierpa

Cierpa puts the client first. That’s why our software is extremely user-friendly. It’s easy to use but has many options to customize software and reporting to the customer’s needs. Is something missing? Cierpa will search for a solution, together with you. This way, you get the most out of your software.

John van Heel, production manager:

“The system keeps evolving. Sometimes I’d like to test an improvement idea and then implement a revised version. Cierpa thinks with me and helps efficiently to take another step. We never stand still and share a dynamic partnership.”

Peter Santegoeds, improvement consultant:

“The unique thing about Cierpa Software is its simplicity, its ease of use. The software makes the improvement process so much easier and faster for both customers and consultants. I use the Cierpa Kaizen Cockpit in almost every improvement project.”

Jeffrey van Dodewaard, process engineer:

“With Cierpa, we are continuously busy to make the software work even better for us. Small adjustments align the program even better with our process. Cierpa is quite passionate about that, which is really great.”


Cierpa software runs successfully at these and other factories

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Cierpa Kaizen & Cierpa Software
Cierpa Kaizen is one of Cierpa Software’s modules. Our LEAN manufacturing software is based on 5S audits, Kaizen, and OEE, and makes continuous improvement attainable for every organization. Eliminate waste within your company process and get better and faster end results!

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