Improving together, using Cierpa Kaizen

Employees on the work floor often know the most about bottlenecks in the production process. But do they manage to convey these suggestions to management? And what happens with those suggestions?

Management often has many improvement ideas. But once you start improving, how do you distinguish the forest from the trees? Where to start? And how?

Cierpa Kaizen involves the entire company in the improvement process. An effort/impact matrix shows clearly which ideas have the best potential return. This way, everyone’s on board, and you will make progress together.

Cierpa Kaizen in your company

Cierpa software runs successfully at these and other factories

Kaizen software results

CleanLease and securing improvements

CleanLease specializes in the cleaning and rental of high-quality textiles. The improvement process often stumbled because of an overflow of improvement ideas and a lack of insight into the added value. With Cierpa Kaizen, the organization succeeds in implementing and securing improvements.

Successful improving in practice: Zeelandia

“We implemented the Kaizen Cockpit throughout the company. The software allows you to link each activity to a person, which data, which steps. PDCA tells you the status of the activity. It’s a perfect way to have an overview.”

The improvement process at Hessing BV

“Spilling and leaking: the places at the line where vegetables actually fall on the floor. For this, we installed a 5S program three years ago. Each line was assessed for spillages and leaks by an improvement team. That added up to hundreds of issues. We turned them into improvement activities in the Kaizen cockpit and started addressing them, one by one. And now, after three years, we have eliminated about 65-70% of the waste.”

Who is Cierpa?

From the center of Rotterdam Cierpa has since 2005 been helping industrial companies at home and abroad to improve independently. Cierpa LEAN manufacturing software enables companies active in food, metal, graph media, construction, and other fields to work smarter. The experienced Cierpa team consists of enthusiastic improvers and smart technicians. We believe our software can make improving easy and fun for the entire corporation. Cierpa loves to support you with advice and support during your improvement process!

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Cierpa Kaizen & Cierpa Software
Cierpa Kaizen is one of Cierpa Software’s modules. Our LEAN manufacturing software is based on 5S audits, Kaizen, and OEE, and makes continuous improvement attainable for every organization. Eliminate waste within your company process and get better and faster end results!

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