Cierpa blog - Nieuwe werkwijze introduceren

However, employees are used to working a certain way, often for many years. Improvement isn’t always an easy process. So how do you introduce a new work floor method?

Tips on introducing a new work floor method:

1. Ask the employees to think with you.

Joint thinking doesn’t just generate great practical ideas; it creates involvement from the employees too. Schedule whiteboard meetings to brainstorm with the team about improvements. Employees usually have a keen sense on what needs to be improved, but don’t always know the right place to express them. Using these improvement ideas, and making the right people responsible for the execution, your employees will find out they can influence their surroundings.

2 Show the waste.

What are the costs of a small error in a production route? How much do raw materials cost and what are the costs when they’re not used efficiently? A fun and meaningful way to show waste is to put a price tag on the raw materials container.

3. Make the process tangible.

Will you implement a new technique, such as OEE measurement? Then find out first if it’s possible to start on paper, to literally get a feel on the technique. Make sure the feel for it is there before you automate the process.

4. Go for the quick win and celebrate the results.

At first, a new work floor method will yield immediate results. That’s a huge motivator! Make sure you celebrate that joint success, with the entire team.

This way, the work floor is actively involved in the new method. However, that’s not the end of the process. When improvement isn’t converted into a new standard, employees will quickly revert to their old way of working. So it’s key to develop standards and monitor their quality. The right software enables you to do that. Also, the right software gives you insight into employee’s competencies: who has what knowledge and skills, and where would improvement be necessary?

Cierpa Software gives you that insight. Cierpa Competence enables you to group the latest in knowledge and standards and make it accessible for everybody. Cierpa Assessment charts the progress your organization is making. 

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