Cierpa Assessment: a clear view on your improvement

Cierpa Assessment offers visual reports to show you the continuous improvement of your organization. Audits will become intermediate milestones and part of the bigger plan. Assessments will become tools instead of nuisances.

This will speed up implementation and rollout of your improvements with up to 50%! Cierpa Assessment enables you to perform both formal and preparatory assessments to improve your process.

Add your own questionnaires or choose one of our checklists, such as our free 5s checklist. Compare the outcome to other departments or different organizations and raise your organization to a higher level.

Cierpa Assessment Software

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Cierpa Assessment & Cierpa Software

Cierpa Assessment is one of Cierpa Software’s modules. Our LEAN manufacturing software is based on 5S audits, Kaizen, and OEE, and makes continuous improvement attainable for every organization. Eliminate waste within your company process and get better and faster end results!


Cierpa Assessment