Cierpa Software for consultants

As an improvement expert, you help your client to improve business processes independently and in a structured way. Our software does that too.

Cierpa Software fits seamlessly into the improvement process

Everyone wins in optimal cooperation

We are looking for cooperation with you. Together we optimize the improvement process for the customer!

Whether it is about OEE, Kaizen, Quality, Competence or Assessment, Cierpa Software fits seamlessly into the improvement process. Our state of the art software modules have been proven effective. We listen to our customers and improvement experts and thus always know what the needs are in the market.

With our modular, versatile and user-friendly software and your professional knowledge we ensure that companies can perform optimally!

Cierpa consultants - optimale samenwerking

With Cierpa Software you make the difference with your client

Become a Cierpa Software consultant

The benefits as a Cierpa Certified Consultant

  • new leads through Cierpa
  • consultants fee for each module you implement
  • Proof of your knowledge of Cierpa Software
  • Easy implementation at the client
  • Accelerated improvement with proven results
  • Insight into the improvement process of your customers, also remotely
  • Possible linking and expanding with other Cierpa improvement modules
Cierpa consultants - voordelen


How do you become a Cierpa Certified Consultant?

The Cierpa Certification process is phased. First, we engage in conversation.

Cierpa consultant - de stappen
  • Step 1

    Fit Assessment

    With a Fit Assessment we look at whether we fit together. And whether you have the skills we expect from a Cierpa improvement consultant.

  • Step 2


    As an Associate you get to know all the ins and outs of one or more modules of Cierpa Software. We do not only train you as a user, but you also learn how to implement the software at your customer's site, how to set up the module and how to give user training.

  • Step 3

    Associate certificate

    You will conclude your training with a knowledge test, after which you will receive the Associate certificate.

  • Step 4

    Cierpa Certified Consultant

    After everything is completed you will be a Cierpa Certified Consultant.

Advance to Practicioner and then Expert.

After your Associate training you can advance to Practicioner and then Expert. You do this mainly by making optimal use of the Cierpa modules with your clients and therefore showing measurable results of your improvement projects. Each level achieved has its own certificate.

Certifying as a company

Of course, you can also certify with the whole team! When not only you but also your colleagues are certified, you will notice that it is easier to spar, collaborate and transfer. This benefits you as colleagues, but it certainly benefits your clients too! Book a customized training and achieve with your team a valuable certification for better, faster and easier results for your customers!

Cierpa Certified consultant?

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