Your professional knowledge + our software = success

Cierpa Software helps our clients to independent structural improvements. If it concerns WCM, TPM, 5s audit, OEE or LEAN, they always need an expert who can help them on their way. That is why Cierpa likes to work closely together with committed consultants. We feel that such combined efforts deliver the best results for our clients.

Your success is our success
The consultant’s role is highly specific. A good consultant always provides tailormade answers which lead to scalable solutions. Cierpa provides the software which supports the consultant in this task. It helps, in a simple manner, to execute the essence of the improvement process. It doesn’t stand in the consultants’ shoes, but contributes to their success by providing constant, high value quality.

An ideal toolkit
Cierpa Software is modular and versatile. The modules work together seamlessly, from Kaizen to Assessment.  Further, Cierpa supplies ‘train the trainer’ software, so consultants can in their own time master the modules. Cierpa Software is a toolkit providing working tools for both consultants and clients.

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Achieving results is paramount - and collaboration with Cierpa helps you maximize that result

Peter Santegoeds, consultant

Cierpa & Consultants: our combined added value

More impact
Together we help the client on the path to greater autonomy. For example by guiding independent acceleration of the improvement process. And by making our combined impact visible. Because Cierpa Software fits seamlessly with the improvement process, we establish independent improvement as part of the organization. Consultant and Software together cultivate a culture of improvement.

More control
With Cierpa, consultants have a ready-to-use software suite and can start work immediately. The software includes training for those areas requiring attention. Both consultants and end-users have relevant communication materials, training and one point lessons at the desired level. And because there is less stress about the subsidiary conditions, consultants exercise more control on the process.

More sales
Our combined efforts lead to more sales. Cierpa makes sure that consultants have available and ready-to-use marketing tools. They vary from small scale use of brochures, through extensive workshops to organizing open days for clients. Altogether they comprise a combined positioning that leads to increased recognition and enhanced trust. That’s how we lower the sales threshold.

Cierpa Software & Lean Manufacturing in your organization

Continuous self-improvement is feasible for any company with Cierpa Software. Our software suite is based upon techniques and methods such as 5S audit, Kaizen, OEE and the lean theory in general.

Lean manufacturing will obtain the best possible ratio between costs savings on the one hand, and improved quality and productivity on the other hand.

Lean manufacturing will improve the work process with significantly better and more efficient results. Moreover, any possible waste in your work process will be eliminated. Cierpa’s lean software will allow you to simply oversee this on-going process in your company and to self-improve at any time.

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