Cierpa blog - De kracht van audit software

Digital auditing saves time, provides an overview, and offers transparency within the organization. But auditing software can do so much more than that. You can use your audits as smart improvement tools and take fundamental steps in your improvement process!

The basis of auditing software 

Which bottlenecks does your business process have? That's what audits tell you. Checklists and questionnaires enable you to check a part of your process periodically. It can be an internal or external check, official (and mandatory), or for internal purposes. Auditing software helps you perform these checks digitally, store the results correctly, and distribute them in your organization.

Six ways to show you what auditing software can do for you

  1. You want to centrally manage your questionnaire with no confusion about where the latest version is and who updated the Excel file last time? Auditing software is always up to date.
  2. You want to be able to plan your audits. You won't lose track and can't forget a check.
  3. You want to perform your audits proactively. You are in control. So when the auditor comes, you can show you have already taken care of a given issue and what the current status is.
  4. You can provide visual feedback, reports, and an audit evaluation. A clear flow of information within the company is essential to implement improvements and prevents you from being left as a lone voice with unresolved improvement opportunities.
  5. It is much easier to follow up on improvement points when you work digitally. This way, you turn your audits into improvement tools instead of compulsory jobs, and they become part of your regular improvement process! Are you looking for a LEAN way to convert your improvement opportunities into improvement actions? Do you want to secure your improvements? With Cierpa Kaizen, the results of your audits help you with your action-oriented approach.
  6. Auditing software lets you discover trends in your reports: has your process shown enough growth in recent years?

How to use auditing software as an improvement tool

Auditing software is much more than a digital way of performing mandatory checks. Use it as a controlling tool to discover if your organization is operating at the desired level. Don't focus on finding and fixing errors, but on improving qualitatively!

And so auditing won't be the main issue but becomes a side issue: you are in control. An auditor no longer provides surprises but confirms what you already knew. You won't be doing that whole auditing thing anymore to pass your audit, but for quality control and your improvement process. Your audits will be interim milestones instead of necessary evil! 

Our auditing software

With Cierpa Assessment, you can perfectly monitor how your organization continuously improves. Audits become interim milestones that are part of a larger plan. And you perform them smarter, more effectively, and faster. Assessments become tools instead of necessary evil.

With Cierpa Assessment:

  • You can use the available checklists and add your questionnaires
  • You can use visual reports to show how your organization continuously improves
  • You can use unofficial assessments fundamental process improvement
  • You can compare your audits with other departments or other organizations.
  • You can speed up your improvement implementation and rollout by up to 50%!