Fundamental production improvement with Cierpa OEE

Output improvement is often linked to faster, better machines, or alternative use of manpower. In practice, many recurring occurrences of waste are easily solved, leading to higher yield.

For example, changing the cleaning standard, which prevents a machine from jamming. Also, getting rid of intermediate supplies that are in the way and slow down the process or transferring a task from an operator to the technical crew or vice versa.

Cierpa OEE finds waste within your process and charts the return when you implement improvements. CIERPA OEE offers you all you need to get the most from your production process!

Cierpa OEE in your company

These are a few of the companies that succesfully use Cierpa:

Results of our OEE software:

Customer story: Flamco

Flamco is the largest supplier of expansion vessels and mounting materials for expansion vessels. Flamco started with Cierpa OEE in 2008 because manual measurements did not lead to a precise and pure insight into the machine shutdowns. Cierpa offered the possibility to perform the OEE calculations in real-time.

Customer story: Mosa

Mosa is an innovative Dutch tile manufacturer with sales offices throughout the world. Mosa started with real-time OEE calculation due to a clear need among operators to implement time savings. Insight into the duration and causes of downtime was central to the need for more targeted improvement.

Customer story: Philips Lighting

Philips is the world market leader in the production of fluorescent tube starters. Philips wanted to replace the existing measuring system - write it down on paper, enter it in Access - and automate it. Want to be able to reduce the error sensitivity and time spent on registration.

Who is Cierpa?

From the center of Rotterdam Cierpa has since 2005 been helping industrial companies at home and abroad to improve independently. Cierpa LEAN manufacturing software enables companies active in food, metal, graph media, construction, and other fields to work smarter. The experienced Cierpa team consists of enthusiastic improvers and smart technicians. We believe our software can make improving easy and fun for the entire corporation. Cierpa loves to support you with advice and support during your improvement process.

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Cierpa OEE & Cierpa Software

Cierpa OEE is one of Cierpa Software’s modules. Our LEAN manufacturing software is based on 5S audits, Kaizen, and OEE, and makes continuous improvement attainable for every organization. Eliminate waste within your company process and get better and faster end results!


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