Teams that discuss their improvements on a weekly bases


CleanLease has more than a century of experience in the cleaning and renting of high quality textiles. The first laundry opened up in 1910 in Wormerveer and has since then developed into a leading service provider in the medical, care and hospitality sectors.

Our company already went through an improvement process when we started using Cierpa Kaizen. Our employees had many ideas on improvement, but it wasn’t always clear what the added value of those ideas would be. As a result many ideas received too little follow-up.

We also worked with separate action lists that made the securing of current actions and improvements quite difficult. To end this we introduced Cierpa Kaizen at all of our Dutch locations. The tool is web-based so everything is accessible via the internet.

We are very proud of our achievements using Cierpa Kaizen:

  • All actions are secured by using a standardized method that everyone understands
  • All improvement ideas and actions are measurable
  • Dedicated teams talk to shift transfer teams weekly about improvements
  • Employees feel they are being heard

Cierpa Kaizen has a positive effect on both the process and all of the employees. It supplied everyone with tools on how to pick up and secure improvements within the organization.

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Rodney van As, Quality Engineer
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Production of expansion tanks at Flamco: up to 50 % reduction in maintenance
Flamco is the largest supplier of expansion tanks and mounting materials for expansion tanks. Flamco started using Cierpa OEE Cockpit in 2008, because manual measurements didn’t offer an exact and clear insight into the downtime of the machines. Cierpa offered the OEE calculations in real-time.
Levien de Bliek, Levien de Bliek
software lean 5s audit OEE kaizen knowledge
Results for Philips Lighting: reduced costs and increased sales
Philips is the global leader in the production of starters for fluorescent tube lights. Philips wanted to replace and automate the current measurement system, which was paper-based and used Access for storage, with a system that was less error-prone and time-consuming. A job ad in BN De Stem led us to Cierpa OEE.
Raymond Vermeulen, Production Manager
software lean 5s audit OEE kaizen knowledge
Experiences of Royal Mosa: 50% reduction in downtime
Mosa is an innovative tile manufacturer with sales offices around the globe. Mosa started using real-time OEE calculations to address the need of operators to save time. Insight into the cause and effect of downtimes fueled the need for focused improving.