Cierpa Software makes LEAN improving easier

Cierpa Software develops accessible, smart software for companies that want to improve. Are you busy with pull production, OEE, or structured improvement? Our LEAN manufacturing tools help you accelerate.

Our software is based on techniques and methods like LEAN, S5, and Kaizen. It makes waste and improvement points tangible within your organization, not just for your production line, but also for quality control, and your knowledge base.

Together we tailor the software to your organizational needs. Small steps will improve cost reduction, quality, and productivity, and will make you achieve significant results. Cierpa Software brings out the best in your organization!

Cierpa OEE shows you the underlying reason for waste within your production process. Anyone, from operator to manager, can easily use our scalable measure- and analysis modules, so you share the same focus.

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Cierpa Kaizen makes improvement points visible and manageable. Collect, organize, channel, assign, and store: Cierpa Kaizen provides you with an overview so you can create fundamental improvements.

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Cierpa Quality speeds up the inspection process, eliminates paper-based logistics, and makes sure your records and files are always at hand. A robust inspection process improves your organization.

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Cierpa Competence provides the right knowledge at the right place. Your company will significantly benefit from centrally storing the latest in knowledge and standards. Also, it will make them accessible, from knowledge sharing to review and from pilot to multi-plant.

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Cierpa Assessment shows you how your organization improves continuously. The web-based auditing tool shows snapshots and the overall progress of your organization. Because you can do the assessments yourself, the 5S audit fits within your long-term strategy.

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About Cierpa Software

CEO Mathieu van Loon talks about our lean manufacturing software.


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