Cierpa blog - Welke verspillingen zijn er in jouw productieproces?

What waste occurs in your production process?

Real top companies are the ones that succeeded in eliminating waste from their production process. 

Janneke Möhlmann
16 February 2018
Cierpa blog - Interview met Peter Santegoeds

Peter Santegoeds about the use of Cierpa Software

Improvement consultant Peter Santegoeds has been working with pleasure and results with Cierpa Software for many years.

Janneke Möhlmann
1 February 2018
Cierpa blog - We zijn trots op onze support

We’re proud of our support

94% of our customers rate us favorably. 25% are delighted. Being LEAN fanatics, our mantra is always to put the customer first.

Janneke Möhlmann
30 August 2017
Cierpa blog - Cierpa vs Excel

Cierpa vs Excel

Cierpa Software vs. Excel: what are the key differences and why would Cierpa be the better choice?

Janneke Möhlmann
26 June 2016