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Mathieu van Loon
14 January 2022
Visual Cierpa Kaizen

☆ Achieve your improvement goals

There is room for improvement within your organization, but where do you start? Start structurally and result-oriented!

Janneke Möhlmann
22 December 2021
5Verbetermethodes Site

Janneke Möhlmann
2 November 2021
Cierpa blog - De kracht van audit software

The power of auditing software

Auditing software is an excellent tool to better plan and execute your audits.

Janneke Möhlmann
18 October 2021
Cierpa Kaizen - Ongevallen voorkomen

12 October 2021
Cierpa blog - Hoe bereid je een audit voor?

Janneke Möhlmann
22 June 2021
Cierpa blog - TPM

Janneke Möhlmann
20 April 2021
Cierpa blog - Interview Theo Schols

Consultant Theo Schols gets companies moving

What is the most significant advantage to Cierpa Kaizen, according to Theo?

Janneke Möhlmann
15 April 2021